A Step Toward Diversity in Art Direction

The 3% Conference began as a movement to balance the male to female ratio among agency creatives – (when it started it was 97% male). Women have increased their presence to 11% but there is still a long way to go.

SDPS was excited to participate in this year’s competition with programs from Boston University, University of Nebraska, Brown University, SUNY New Paltz, University of Central Florida, Miami Ad School, University of Texas, Missouri School of Journalism and City College of New York. 

And, we’re proud to announce that two of our students: Lisa Papada and Stephen Chu were one of the 10 recipients of a 2014 scholarship.

These top 10 winners (20 students total since they worked in pairs) won tickets to The 3% Conference in San Francisco, a travel stipend, a gift bag from Adobe, and attendance at a portfolio review lunch during the conference.

Lisa discusses what she took away:

When Stephen and I attended the 3 Percent Conference in San Francisco, the caliber of people who were surrounded by was very high. Listening to speakers like Kat Gordon, Cindy Gallop, and Dyllan McGee speak about the creative industry and how they have achieved their roles was uplifting. When we sat around the table with Adobe professionals, the critique they offered to each pair of us was helpful in the way of offering another point of view and/or another way of production. I’ve known that hard work pays off but to see the amount of people at this conference celebrating and influencing each other to keep striving and keep working was a confidence boost. It was reassurance that hard work does pay off.

Here's Lisa and Stephen showing off their award winning submission:

Lisa Papade and Stephen Chu