SDPS Expands with New Los Angeles Ad Class

More LA Courses in the Works

The San Diego Portfolio Studio is no longer just a San Diego advertising school. After drawing enough interest from other regions in California, we have decided to offer a new Los Angeles ad class. The first class in what will be a broader attempt to expand our portfolio school further up the coast will be a copywriting course. In the future, the plan is to offer the complete SDPS curriculum for Los Angeles designers and copywriters. But for now, our Los Angeles ad class is currently underway in West LA, led by veteran agency copywriter Jeff Horn. 

We're truly excited about the first Los Angeles ad class, which is an incredible opportunity for both new and intermediate copywriters to build their ad portfolios. Many portfolio classes teach copywriters to concept and write without there being any professionally designed work. In this class, copywriters will have the ability to see their work come to life. Pairing our copywriting and design classes makes this possible. And in the end, students will be able to add at least one polished ad campaign to their books. At SDPS, we really value portfolio development because we know how important it is for landing the right job. It's also why our student placement rate is so high. 

Creative Education Within Reach

Believe it or not, many SDPS students make the commute from LA and Orange County to San Diego. We hope that our expanded satellite classes in LA (and maybe San Francisco in the future) will make it easier than ever for creative students to reach their potential. Our portfolio school is different than others because we are more affordable and devote individualized attention to our students. Classes are small and intimate. We don't believe in super-expensive tuition rates that will leave you in debt for decades. Admitted students work in a collaborative setting, under the instruction of a working creative professional who is typically in a senior role at an advertising agency. Staying true to our roots, our Los Angeles ad classes will operate in the same way. 

As we look to expand further into LA and possibly elsewhere in California, our San Diego Portfolio Studio welcomes any interest from copywriters and designers who are currently living outside San Diego. While we have not announced our Summer and Fall ad courses yet, we will almost certainly be offering them in LA. For admission inquiries and applications, please reach out to us today. Positions are limited and classes will fill quickly. If you meet our admissions criteria, ask us to be added to the waiting list and we will do our best to accommodate. 

Pushing Creative Boundaries

Our copywriting and design classes strike a balance between education and coursework that yields results. Our students are driven and goal-oriented. By the end of each course, there is a prevailing feeling of satisfaction for both students and teachers. With true-to-life experience building campaigns for real brands, students in both our San Diego and Los Angeles ad classes gain invaluable career momentum to pursue their dreams.