Designer Warning - Online Oversharing Can Backfire

As designers, social media - and the internet in general - allows us to share everything we create. We can post our work and discuss it within the design community. And that's a good thing.

But, there are some reasons we should move cautiously before we share our latest project. Because you can have too much of a good thing.. 

1.   Be selective about what you show because ultimately, it represents you. Juan Carlos Pagan, a design director at Deutsch in NYC, explains that from a design standpoint, "social media allows you to share your work and get feedback so that you can grow as a designer. Putting a logo design or a typography treatment out there for everyone to see is a scary and humbling experience. But, you need to be careful curator of your work - because once it is out there online, it is always out there".

2. All feedback is not equal. "Nice job" and "likes" are not particularly helpful feedback although they make us feel good for a while. Even bad feedback can steer us in the wrong direction. Check the qualifications of the designer giving the feedback online by viewing their body of work before you consider making a change of direction. Online sites, such as dribbble, allow you to see the work of the reviewer. 

3. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - and if it's true there is a lot of flattery out there. If you share work online, prepare for copycats. Since there's nothing worse than seeing your work passed off as someone else's, you should always document your progress and protect your important projects. The AiGA offers some good tips for helping you protect your graphic and advertising design work. 

Juan is also a partner and creative director at Pagan and Sharp -

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AUTHOR: Gina Greco is the Director of Operations and Programs at Portfolio Studio.