Introducing Portfolio Studio Online: Online Courses from SDPS

San Diego Portfolio Studio is all about bringing out the most of our collective creative abilities. Graphic designers and copywriters from all walks of life take advantage of our budget-friendly tuition and reap the benefits of learning from some of the industry’s brightest minds. Until now, SDPS has only been available to students in San Diego and Los Angeles. Portfolio Studio Online will change all of this.


SDPS has unveiled an entirely new offering of online classes geared towards creative professionals looking to build their advertising and design portfolios. The online program known as Portfolio Studio Online will open its digital doors to creatives around the world.

The mere existence of Portfolio Studio Online should be seen as a monumental leap for higher education in the advertising and design industries. With so few advertising schools offering online opportunities, and even fewer offering financial assistance, Portfolio Studio Online democratizes the industry in a way that has never been done before. The program even offers a series of self-taught, free online courses.

Portfolio Studio Online helps creative minds tap into their greatest potential.

Students can enroll in a diverse set of 8-week online courses which are ultimately designed to land creatives a job in an advertising agency or design setting. Creatives can learn from some of the industry’s leading professionals in areas like the basics of ad structure, the creative process, and how to strengthen a portfolio and sell it in an interview. The goal of many of these “distance education” online courses reflects the greater philosophy of SDPS, which is to help creatives build better portfolios through great work.  

Enrolling in Portfolio Studio Online can mold a raw talent into a creative force.

Students looking to enroll should fill out this form. Classes are filling up quickly, and we will be admitting qualified applicants on a first-come, first-serve basis. Below is a preview of the online courses offered. For complete course descriptions, please visit Portfolio Studio Online.


Portfolio: Showcasing Work

Learn how to present your work to employers.

The Creative Process 101: The Basics

A free online class that walks you through the creative process.

Copywriting: Tone and Techniques

Craft copy that sells and boost your portfolio along the way.

Digital Strategy: Creative and Social Media

Learn to be a digital strategist.

Concepting Techniques

Build your concepting skills for print, outdoor and guerilla media.

Creative Briefs 101: The Basics

A free class that teaches you to write and understand a creative brief.

Elements of an Ad

A free class that offers a foundation for advertising studies.

Concepting for Diverse Media

Learn 360° solutions for client advertising.

Copywriting for Campaigns

Develop a complete copy campaign for you portfolio.

To read course syllabi, find out about instructors, or enroll in upcoming courses, you can visit the new, online portal. Create an account to find out more. New courses start March 21st.