2017: Resolutions To Recharge Your Creativity

It is often assumed that as creative people we are always doing things that are totally fun, even at work. Although that is somewhat true - creative industry jobs can be fun - our days are often full of left brained tasks that burn us out and run us down. Over time, even our creative tasks become routine and familiar, affect our motivation, and increase our self-doubt. 

Here are a few ways to renew and refresh for the New Year. 

1. Do something creative THAT IS outside of the norm - for you.

Jump into a new creative endeavor. Daniel Pink suggests we should "thrive on uncertainty" and that our brains can benefit from the pleasure of surprise. New activities can make you happier. 

Take out some brushes and add personality to your stride -  DIY instructions

Take out some brushes and add personality to your stride - DIY instructions

Write that short story you've been thinking about

Write that short story you've been thinking about

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2. Take a fun class

Socrates said "Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel". It is time to relight that creative fire by learning something new.

Take salsa dancing lessons, go to a cooking workshop, or try your hand at conversational Italian. Force yourself to carve out the time - for you. 

Take a fun class - Portfolio Studio


Self doubt is the enemy of creativity. The most damaging effect of self doubt is that it causes you to stop creating. Those recordings in your mind that remind you of your limitations begin to determine your limitations. Replace those limiting ideas with others that express the flip side. Add a new mantra to your life.

If I create today, what's the best that can happen? 

It's time to start believing that you are the creative person you were meant to be. In 2017 leave doubt behind. 

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4. Work on YOUR portfolio

Gathering your body of work together, in a single place, allows you to reflect and improve. When you see all of the work you've done, you develop the confidence to move forward and to surpass your previous efforts. You'll also gain the perspective needed to weed out that older, less relevant work. 

Remember, your portfolio is evidence of your creativity abilities and it opens doors.  You know down deep that you're skilled, talented, and cutting-edge. In 2017, it is time to finally build that portfolio and make that apparent to everyone else. 

Dr. Gina Greco

Dr. Gina Greco is the Director at Portfolio Studio and has written extensively on artistic self-efficacy and motivation.

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