Build Your Digital Portfolio in 6 Months

Portfolio Studio is offering three vital digital design courses, back-to-back, to elevate your design career.

showcase UX, Visual design, and Mobile experience Design in your portfolio

This series is intended to equip you for the evolving industry of design and jobs that are demanding user experience and interactive design abilities. Each course will help you build process through final work, including working prototypes. 

User Experience-01.jpg

In January we're offering User Experience Design and Design Thinking. Taught by Jessica Moon, Creative Director at Digital Telepathy, this course will expose you to various design methods and processes that will help foster strong user-centered design strategies and execution. An emphasis on design thinking, rapid ideation, and prototyping will set the foundation for impressive work. 

Visual Design Plaque

In March, Paul Drohan, the Executive Design Director at Mirum, will lead our Visual Design course. Using no coding, this course covers the best practices and graphic elements of successful web design. Emphasis is placed on understanding web design basics, anatomy, elements, and unity, as well as web typography in adaptive and responsive design. 

Mobile Experience Plaque

Our Mobile Experience Design course will be offered in June. This course will help you understand mobile interaction, mobile first app strategies, and more. The ability to design apps is a marketable skill every ambitious designer should possess. 

If you've been waiting to enhance your skills and add cutting-edge digital design work to your portfolio, this is your chance. Special financing is available for this series. Sign up now. 

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