A Portfolio Site That We Love

It is very challenging to pull together a really clean portfolio website because each project that needs to be included is unique. Building a portfolio site is like assembling a puzzle with different sized pieces and formats. When your faced with work from a variety of media, the job can be daunting.    

But, it can be done. An example of a complex body of work, superbly presented, comes from Nick Grappone. 

NiCK Grappone 

Nick is an accomplished freelance designer that works out of NY and Geneva Switzerland. His site showcases 9 comprehensive projects including Pilar, Best Buy, and Vitamin Water, plus a variety of single projects. 

Nic Grappone Pilar
Nic Grappone Close Up

One reason that Nick's portfolio looks so good is his consistency in the presentation of his pieces. Using the same dimensional width he shows single projects as well as collections stacked side-by-side. 

Nic Grappone packaging
Nic Grappone Layout

Product, packaging, interactive, and brand design are beautifully photographed and he combines close-ups, motion pieces and beauty shots for an awesome visual experience. 

Nic Grappone Icons

Nick's portfolio site is also easy to navigate. Finally, and of course most importantly, his work is remarkable. All together, it makes for a great portfolio. See Nick Grappone's live portfolio site here

PortfolioStudio is proud to help students build creative and comprehensive portfolios. 

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