Insights from an ACD at Innocean, LA

Voyage LA recently posted a feature article about Jose Eslinger, Associate Creative Director/Art Director at Innocean. The article talks about Jose's path into advertising and offers a future perspective. 

Jose Eslinger

At Innocean, Jose does work for Hyundai and Finish Line. With his partner, copywriter Carissa Levine, he created the 2016 Hyundai Super Bowl commercial with Kevin Hart. It was voted by the American public as the #1 commercial in the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter.

Jose references the toughest part of his job as ACD: 

I think the hardest part about being a creative is that you never know where your next idea is going to come from. Or when it’s gonna come. The scariest thing as a creative is a blank page. You know you have to fill it with ideas, but it starts off blank and there’s no clear path to success. There’s no starting point. It’s just a canvas. But the difficult thing is also the most exciting thing as a creative. There’s so much potential for that blank canvas to be filled with all your awesome ideas… You just have to somehow find them out there in the ether somewhere.
My job consists of providing my clients with marketing solutions that will get them noticed and, hopefully, make them relevant in pop culture. 

We are proud to say that Jose is an Advisor at Portfolio Studio and serves as a guest speaker and mentor for our students. Jose is one of the most positively energetic creatives we know and we're so happy he is part of our Portfolio Studio family. 

Read the entire article here.

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