See the San Diego Ads That Won 2016 Student Addys

The 2016 prestigious awards show hosted by the San Diego Ad Club, SDX and the American Advertising Federation — the ADDYs— was an electric evening for San Diego Portfolio Studio students. The Student Best of Show and Gold ADDY was presented to the creative team of Kristen Sugihara and Marty Allen for their project for Senz Umbrellas titled "Senz - Weather. Any Weather."


The judges had this to say about the work, “This combines great thinking with really nice design to make this ad feel almost like a piece of art that is completely ready to be professionally printed. Very eye catching, refined, and classy."  - Michael Sevilla, and, "Pack it and send it to the publisher. This is ready to go right now." - Dean McBeth.

“Everyone is still beaming from the recognition by the San Diego Ad Club,” said Gina Greco, Director of Operations at SDPS. “In all, San Diego Portfolio Studio took home 19 of the 25 student awards given. We are a three year old program and really pleased that our student’s work continues to rise to the top. Most importantly, these are wins for our students who are just breaking into advertising, and who will make their mark in the field in the upcoming years.”  

Individual work resulted in three Gold ADDYs, 5 Silver ADDYs and 10 Bronze ADDYs for San Diego Portfolio Studio students in advertising, graphic design, web, and mobile/app design categories including:  

  • Brooke Lingenfelder  - 1 Gold - 1 Silver
  • Candela Rebot  - 1 Gold - 1 Silver
  • Ryan Renquist  - 2 Silver
  • Rachel Orodenker - 1 Silver
  • Marty Allen  - 1 Bronze
  • Stephen Chu  - 1 Bronze
  • Brent Hannify & Kristen Sugihara  - 1 Bronze
  • Kristen Sugihara & Caslene Joy Bulan - 1 Bronze
  • Lisa Durante  - 1 Bronze
  • Elizabeth Lybrook & Brooke Lingenfelder  - 1 Bronze
  • Elizabeth Lybrook  - 1 Bronze
  • Rodney Manabat  - 1 Bronze
  • Zachary Russell & Michael Pretz  - 1 Bronze
  • Kristen Sugihara & Marty Allen - Best of Show - 1 Gold - 1 Bronze

"We're honored to receive this recognition, which showcases our philosophy that through dedication, great work can come from unexpected places," said Henry Hikima, Executive Director at SDPS. "And we're excited to forge ahead and continue to build an education and training program that meets students needs by being relevant, affordable, as well as award-winning”.

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