New Content Copywriting Course for Business Writers and Marketers

Lauren Ventura Copywriter Portfolio Studio

We're excited to welcome Lauren Ventura who will teach our Long Form Content -  Copywriting course, starting this August. Lauren is a geeky content creator and marketer with 10 years of experience in copywriting, storytelling, brand-building and inbound know-how.

In this course you'll:

  • Learn the essential writing skills to create full-blown marketing campaigns.
  • Build brand style, voice, and tone guides.
  • Write blog posts to drive engagement using inbound marketing techniques. 
  • Use guides and posts to learn how to create campaigns with social media as well as print collateral. 

Lauren has developed integrated email-social campaigns, helped use blogs to capture leads, defined internal and external style, voice and tone guides for the likes of Petco, Road Runner Sports, Competitor Group, Arctic Zero,, Digital Telepathy and many others.

Long Form Content Copywriting

This course is a great training ground for aspiring copywriters and strategists, business owners, entrepreneurs, and social media managers.

This course will be offered in San Diego at Portfolio Studio as well as online. You can view the syllabus and read more about the course here. 

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