Design Thinking / Human-Centered Design

Design Thinking / Human-Centered Design

The design community in San Diego has been undergoing a surge of collaboration. Creative groups across the region are uniting to push forward design thinking. Summits, like Design Forward, bring together designers, civic leaders, and industry innovators to explore the possibilities for San Diego. 

The Design Academy is an educational and research network that helps organizations innovate and solve business challenges by applying the principles of design and interdisciplinary knowledge. They host a variety of workshops to suit many different business needs.

This month's workshop focuses on Human-Centered Design

The most successful companies are now integrating design thinking / human centered design into their processes to solve business challenges and improve customer outcomes by having empathy for users, as well as internal stakeholders. 

This approach helps mitigate the risks associated with innovation and the launch of new products, services, and strategies by understanding the needs, desires and contexts of the people we’re designing for and encouraging collaboration amongst different disciplines.

Who should attend the workshop?

Businesses, nonprofits, academia, government

Professionals in all disciplines

Individuals or teams

If I attend a workshop, I’ll learn:

Tools to solve complex business challenges and improve outcomes

How to use iterative prototyping to help reduce risk

How to create a flexible framework for practicing the discipline of Human-Centered Design to drive growth and innovation

Download the flyer and join The Design Academy in a practical, hands-on training program September 14 and 15th

Find out more information on The Design Academy website.

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