Ask Your Boss to Invest in Your Future

Many Portfolio Studio students get help with tuition for continuing education from their employers. Students learn new skills and those skills can be immediately applied in their jobs. It is a win-win situation, and getting started is easier than you think.

Know Your Options

Photo by ingesche/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by ingesche/iStock / Getty Images

Speak with HR. Does your company have an employee education budget? About five in six - 83% of organizations surveyed by the IFIEBP offered some sort of educational assistance. Ask whether your employer will pay for your education up front or with tuition reimbursement, and find out what other criteria you might need to meet. 

Make a Case

Speak with your manager. Explain how your schooling will make a positive impact on your productivity. Share your class syllabi and course outcomes. 

Know Your Limits 

The IRS caps the tax-free tuition yearly benefit at $5,250. It's important to make sure you choose a program that will help you make the most of those funds. With some programs, that cap may only equal a couple of courses. At Portfolio Studio you can take 6 courses and still be under that threshold. Corporate Packages are also available for employers to ease the financial burden.

Make sure you keep a realistic schedule in mind, too. You don't want to overload yourself with too many courses during your evenings and weekends, leaving you stretched too thin all around.


Confirm the courses you're interested in are relevant to you, your career, and your company. Talk to current and former students. How do they feel about the time they invested? How do their employers feel?  


Take action. Don't let it end at the idea stage. Once you make the commitment you can begin reaping the benefits. 

Portfolio Studio connects ambitious students with working pros for training. Many options are available to our students to reduce costs and assist with tuition.