Illustrative Ad Campaign for Pam

When Britt Magritte decided he wanted to level up his graphic design and art direction skills, he enrolled in his first ever concept class and created this campaign for Pam.

At the heart of all design thinking is ideation which helps creatives generate and relate ideas (called concepts in advertising).

"Pam is a good client for ideation, especially when starting out," according to Henry Hikima, the class instructor. "Pam is a well known product and has a simple purpose. That narrows down the possibilities - which is a good thing, especially when you're just starting out. Plus, it's a more unique choice than hot-sauce, which is often given as a first client."

Britt came up with the initial ideas and created early sketches. He then brought in illustrator, Rod Gonzalez to tighten up the roughs and colorist Tyson Hansen to add dimension. Copywriting student Tori Young provided the No Stick, Just Slick tagline. 

Initial illustrative pieces were created for print and outdoor advertising. 

Shelf display helps tell the story. 

Simple wraps reveal potential coupons and opportunity for other written content. 

Photoshop allowed for quickly animated video using the timeline feature. Animated pieces can be used for banners and in other social media applications. 

A mobile experience was added to round out the campaign. 

A team effort is required for quality work and it most directly mirrors the industry process. This fun campaign can be showcased in each team member's portfolios and they can indicate the part they played. It all came together in a smart way. 

Portfolio Studio is the creative hub that brings ambitious students together with working professionals for training and portfolio building. Courses are available in Copywriting, Graphic and Web Design, Art Direction, as well as Digital and Social Media Strategy.

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