Mark Your Calendar: Free Courses Every Month

Mark Your Calendar for Upcoming Free Courses - Every Month

Portfolio Studio offers a variety of free learning opportunities that will help you get started or brush up on the fundamentals you'll need for success. Whether you're hoping to work at an ad agency or design studio, or planning to launch a freelance career, these courses provide that essential jumpstart. 

Each of our self-directed courses allow you to work at a speed that is comfortable for you. You'll get suggested "due dates" on assignments and quizzes to help you move along - but you can choose how fast to go. 


Creative Briefs

January 1 - 31: CREATIVE BRIEFS: THE BASICS. The brief is an essential tool for working on an advertising or design project. A brief guides art directors, copywriters, web and graphic designers, and others throughout the creative process and helps work to stay aligned with client goals and objectives. This short, self-directed course helps you understand and write a creative brief and provides relevant examples so you’re ready to jump right in on client-based work.

Industry Jobs

February 1 - 28: INDUSTRY JOBS: CAREER INSIGHT. This course helps you understand your career options in advertising and design. Although we focus primarily on creative jobs, there's info for the left-brained thinker, too. 

Elements of an Ad

March 1 - 31: ELEMENTS OF AN AD: THE BASICS. Although advertisements vary, there are some basic components that all creatives need to know. This self-directed course explains the components of an ad as well as the terminology used in the industry.

The Creative Process

April 1 - 30: THE CREATIVE PROCESS: THE BASICS. The creative process is a step-by-step procedure that helps creatives generate and execute ideas and develop them through finished work. This course explains and demystifies the creative process and teaches you how to start using it for better outcomes.

Contracts and Forms for Freelancers

May 1 - 31: CONTRACTS AND FORMS: FOR FREELANCERS. Success as a freelancer depends first and foremost on the reality that freelancing is a business - and every business needs a carefully crafted set of contracts and forms. This online, self-directed course takes you through the “must-have” documents you’ll need to do business. This is the perfect course if you want to work as a freelance web or UX designer, graphic designer, copywriter, art director, or in other creative jobs. 

We'll cover: Pricing Strategies and Your Freelance Rate, Internal Estimating, Client Proposals, Terms And Conditions, Approvals, Invoices, Change Orders and more. 

Enroll for your first free course and create a login and profile. After that, you can enroll in each course through a quick click on the portal. 

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