Portfolio Studio 2016 Year Recap

Before we get too far into the new year, we thought we'd look back and share some big things from 2016.


Many of our students won awards in 2016 and received recognition for copywriting, web design, mobile experience design, art direction, and interactive media design. Our awards speak to the founding principles of Portfolio Studio in that our mission has always been to help creatives build better portfolios. By entering contests, students and alumni get the recognition they deserve for their efforts and invaluable talking points for their next interview. Here are some of the winners: 

Ryan Renquist, Brooke Lingenfelder and Rodney Manabat at the National ADDY competition in Anaheim

Ryan Renquist, Brooke Lingenfelder and Rodney Manabat at the National ADDY competition in Anaheim

Addy's Local, Regional and National

Best of Show/Gold/Silver - Senz - Kristen Sugihara & Marty Allen, 2 Gold/2 Silver - Converse - Brooke Lingenfelder, Gold/Silver - Movemento - Candela Rebot,  Gold/Silver - Baby Kitchen - Rachel Orodenker, 3 Silver - M.A.C - Ryan Renquist, Silver - Reef - Ryan Renquist, Bronze - Dramamine - Marty Allen & Kristen Sugihara, Bronze - Fireball - Stephen Chu & Kristen Sugihara, Bronze - Cook Smarts- Lisa Durante, Bronze - Stihl - Liz Lybrook & Brooke Lingenfelder, Silver/Bronze - Kombucha - Liz Lynbrook,  2 Silver/Bronze - Brass Monkey - Rodney Manabat, Silver/Bronze - Yeti - Zach Russell & Mike Pretz, Bronze/Silver - Moes - Brooke Lingenfelder, Silver/Bronze - The Field Museum - Brent Hannify & Kristen Sugihara, Silver/Bronze - Two Men & A Truck - Kristen Sugihara & Caslene Bulan. 


Gold - Fancy Feast - Christian Capuchino, Gold - Mighty Dog - Kristen Sugihara, Silver - Houdini Museum - Tani Yasso, Silver - Greenpeace - Brooke Hugus, Silver - Robot Films - Brooke Hugus, Silver - Senz - Kristen Sugihara & Marty Allen, Merit - Fishing Stats - Tani Yasso, Merit - Shortage - Nichol DeRosier,  Merit - Royal India - Brooke Hugus, Merit - Baby Kitchen - Rachel Orodenker.

Applied Arts

Fancy Feast - Christian Capuchino, Senz - Kristen Sugihara & Marty Allen, Two Men and a Truck - Kristen Sugihara & Caslene Bulan.


Kristen Sugihara in her first week at Vitro

Kristen Sugihara in her first week at Vitro

Our students are finding work and we're so proud. Although our Portfolio Builder 360 program only started in 2015, 100% of our 2016 graduates have landed jobs in the industry. These students are working both locally and nationally in companies including Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy, Vitro, Pia, Intuit, Carling Communications, Mad Engine, HumanGroup, RPA, and more. 

Online Portal

A few of the classes on our online portal

A few of the classes on our online portal

Our online portal launched in January of 2016 and it now serves more than 250 students. Courses in Copywriting, Design, Digital Strategy, Social Media, Ideation, Art Direction and Foundation Learning are offered on a thoughtfully designed, customized platform made especially for creatives.

New Instructors

Lauren Ventura sharing content copywriting at a meetup in La Jolla

Lauren Ventura sharing content copywriting at a meetup in La Jolla

Content Copywriter Lauren Ventura, Brand Copywriter Steve Leff, Designer Mike Lynch, and UX Designer Jessica Moon joined our team this year. We were also honored to have Kirby Darland from Buzz Feed, Andrew Tran from Canyon Design Group, Daniela Ponce from MeringCarson, and Freelance Creative Directors David Gonsalvez and Eli Morales who provided industry expertise and critiques for our students. 

New Programs

UX Design and Content Copywriting courses increased our course offerings in 2016. We've greatly expanded our copywriting program and we'll be adding new social media, design, strategy and coding classes and bootcamps this year. 


2016 has been great and we know that 2017 is primed to be even better! We can't wait to share with you the amazing work that is being made at our Studio. Thank you to all of our wonderful students, alums, and instructors who have kept us in the spotlight!

Portfolio Studio helps aspiring graphic and web designers, copywriters, art directors and strategists build portfolios. Interested in becoming part of the family? Contact us for more information.