The OneClub Bootcamp - LA

The One Club Bootcamp with 72andsunny

Portfolio Studio is proud to be the West Coast Chapter of The OneClub. Last month they held their annual Creative Bootcamp in Los Angeles. Multicultural students from diverse backgrounds in locations around the world work with top agencies and creatives, and have a truly unique opportunity to showcase their creative talents. During the four-day boot camp students are introduced into the industry, learn first-hand about the creative process, and how to create and present a campaign for a real client. 

The vibe at 72andSunny is always great and the participants all felt it. Students Oriana Jones, Jeremy Madison, J.D. DiGiovanni, and Randi Cantrell represented Portfolio Studio this year. They spent day and night, with other team members from schools throughout the country, building campaigns from the ground up to present to the panel of judges. Here’s their take: 


I was unsure what to expect going into it, but the creative mentors and members of the One Club assured us that we were there to learn and most importantly, have fun. There were experienced creatives from several agencies around LA offering feedback and assistance on our campaigns.

After each group presented, the judges deliberated awhile and came back to announce winners. Although I would have liked to be a member of one of the winning teams, the time spent there was invaluable. The number of mentors I was able to meet and connect with was great! I would definitely recommend everyone take part in at least one bootcamp while being a student. It’s one thing to learn in a classroom setting, but the bootcamp takes your skills and challenges you more than you’d ever think. It’s a real eye-opener and an awesome event to stoke your creative aspirations.


It was nothing short of mind-blowing, and I almost don't know where to start in sharing my experience. First, I will say this: the task of creating a full campaign in a matter of days was challenging and demanded a lot of hard work and laughter from all of us. But, oh man, the buzz of energy from all of the collaboration (and coffee!) made me forget any amount of lost sleep in the end.

I walked into the weekend feeling a bit intimidated and not sure what to expect from the mentors, I was surprised to find how casual and encouraging they all were. The wisdom and support they shared, coupled with the excitement and talent of other students from all around the country, made the weekend an unforgettable experience. For me, the Creative Boot Camp solidified advertising as the industry I want to be in, and it helped me get a better picture of what I need to work on to get there. Oh and getting to work inside 72andSunny for four days was pretty awesome, too. Hello, inspiration!

San Diego Portfolio Studio is dedicated to building young, creative portfolios and seeking out unique opportunities like The Creative Boot Camp for its students. Thank you to all of the members from The One Club and 72andSunny for putting so much effort into the education of young creatives.

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