The Creative Process Behind a Striking Student Campaign

We all appreciate polished, final creative work. The design process however, can tell an even more interesting story. This advertising work by Copywriter Flora Kim and Art Director Ben Foos shows the path for Kiel's Skincare: Fighting Age with Maturity campaign for men, from concept through final work, and includes the detours along the way. Don't forget to go to the end to see the polished, final executions. And share this article with anyone struggling to show creative process in their portfolio. 

Kiels Mirror 1
Kiels Strategy
Kiels Mood Board
Kiels Approach 1
Kiels Approach 2
Kiels Approach 3
Kiels Approach 4
Kiels Approach 6
Kiels approach 6b
Kiels approach 7
Kiels photo research
Kiels Select photos
Kiels mirror detail

A process that we don't see here is the copy process but it involves a similar approach of experimenting with ideas and trial and error to find just the right lines. 

Final Campaign

Kiels Mirror
Kiels Mirror on Building
Kiels Mirror on Mirror
Kiels Mirror on Bus Stop

Congratulations to both Ben and Flora who under the guidance of instructor Henry Hikima, created this beautiful campaign. 

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