Graphis New Talent Winners

Graphis New Talent Annual

Each year, Graphis hosts the New Talent competition, inviting students from around the world to enter their best advertising and design work.  Graphis New Talent Annual is the only forum to feature the best internationally produced student work of the past year. The competition provides young professionals a great opportunity for exposure and recognition. 

This year was another award winning year for Portfolio Studio students.

Christian Cappucino - Gold

"I wanted to be able to demonstrate the power of Hoover vacuums without showing the vacuum. I looked back to when I was a child and being scared that the vacuum would suck up the toys I played with."


Liz Lybrook - Gold

For Stihl, Liz wanted to highlight how leaves can unexpectedly canvas a yard, and anyone in it, in a matter of hours, and how easy it was to "Uncover More Ground" with her client's product.


Liz Lybrook - Silver

For Maaco the challenge was to create and original campaign using diverse media. Her campaign is centered around the concept of the "before and after" that consumers experience when getting their car repaired at Maaco. 


Eric Maury - Silver

"We explored the grandeur of the landscape of Iceland with in-your-face headlines that summoned up a boldness more often associated with whiskey than vodka. The campaign is tied together with a unique Viking 'ship in a bottle' and the serenity of the landscape."


Check out all of the entries here, including Merit winners Jeremy Madison, Angela Rogers, Flora Kim, and Michael Pretz.

Congratulations to all! Your hard work and dedication really shows.

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