Behind the Scenes in our User Experience (UX) Course

Under the careful guidance of Jessica Moon, who serves as a Creative Director at Digital Telepathy, Portfolio Studio students created comprehensive UX case studies.

Jessica is passionate about UX design. She says design can do a lot. 

Design bridges the connection between not only objects, but with each other.
It enriches the interactions people have with objects to help people attain better living.
It connects people with one another to improve communication and cooperation.
And, design empowers organizations with better technology to further progress in the world.
UX students right to left: Britt, Oriana, Kaison, Jonathan, Ashley, Atri, Lorena, John, Gilberto, Macoe, Jason and Jessica

UX students right to left: Britt, Oriana, Kaison, Jonathan, Ashley, Atri, Lorena, John, Gilberto, Macoe, Jason and Jessica

Portfolio Studio's UX class covered a variety of essential topics and students walked away with knowledge and experience in many areas - 

  • Design thinking and human-centered design
  • Design culture, including sharing, collaboration and thirst for betterment (no egos)
  • UX soft skills that promote deep empathy, communication & presence, creativity, curiosity + drive + comfort in the unknown, an open mind, team collaboration, and more
  • Tool proficiency with Adobe XD, Slack, and Google Suite
  • Networking with peers
  • Business discovery
  • User research
  • Working with agile/lean UX processes
  • Rapid ideation and prototyping
  • Idea generation, selection, and development
  • Critical thinking and data synthesis
  • In-house and remote collaboration

Jessica's students applied their learning to the creation of mobile apps. Here is a few slides from of a MixTape mobile app presentation by Macoe Swett. 

Macoe Research
Huristic Evaluation
Competitive Analysis
Personas Macoe
Affinity Diagrams
User flows

Macoe can now develop the visual design of her app with a UX process that supports her design decisions. You can see more of Macoe's beautiful work here

Throughout the course, students took away a holistic foundation of design thinking so that they can navigate through the continuously evolving industry of design. They gained the tools, habits, and intuition to solve problems. And they were exposed to current design methods and processes that will help them foster strong user-centered design strategies and execution.

Mastery is the next step. 

User Experience is part of Portfolio Studio's UX Design Series. Find out more about these courses to elevate your portfolio and advance your career.