Young Ones Teams Class: Behind the Scenes

The Young Ones Challenge

For more than thirty years, The One Club has been encouraging students and young professionals to showcase their creativity. Through the acclaimed Young Ones Competition, the best young creative talent from around the world is able to do just that. This term, Portfolio Studio students participated for the first time in this prestigious challenge. 

Students were tasked with creating work for a social cause or brand challenge. Portfolio Studio students chose PartnersGlobal and TOMS Peace through partnership. 

The Brief Our Students Must Follow

Our world is facing serious economic, religious, ethnic, and social divisions. To bridge these divides and make the world a better place by 2030, the United Nations has launched a program called Sustainable Development Goals which outlines 17 specific goals that can act as a focus for the efforts of the private, public, and social sectors. 

The Brief: In the spirit of PartnersGlobal and SDG goals, (students are asked to) develop a creative concept that brings two or more diverse parties together as partners to create peace. Consider (but do not limit yourself to) different ethnic or religious groups, political parties, social classes, governments, institutions. or businesses.


Executives from PartnersGlobal, TOMS, and the UN Global Compact will participate in the Young Ones Social Brief Competition as guest judges, and will explore how their platforms can be used to turn the winning entries into reality.

Commitment to a Worthy Cause

Portfolio Students worked for 8 weeks (including many nights and weekends) on their solutions. 

Teams 4
Teams 2
Teams group

In the end, we've submitted two entries. We can't show them to you yet as judging has not commenced - but wish us good luck. We'll share the results as soon as we can. And join us in a future competition course. 

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