Creatives! It is Internship Season

Summer is traditionally a time where agencies and studios hire creative interns and it may be the your time to finally get your foot in the door. 

Here are some key things to consider while you're hunting for the perfect internship:

Shooting Duck

1. Portfolios are still king and an online portfolio is required. Your online presence will be reviewed, picked apart, and mulled over (hopefully). You need to make sure it is good, very good. 

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2. Some agencies and studios have a specific "ask" for you. Read the internship requirements and then follow them to the letter. La Comunidad (The Community), a global, multicultural agency out of Florida requests this: 

To apply please send your resume and portfolio (if applying for creative) along with your answers to the following questions to
1. You’re exiled to a deserted island, and the only thing you can bring is your favorite ad campaign. What campaign do you bring, and why?
2. Fill in the blanks: If it weren’t for ________ I’d totally be ________ .
3. You’ve been taken prisoner by a lunatic and the only way he will let you go is if you burn down the house with ONE karaoke song. What do you sing?
4. Your own Wikipedia page was only granted 5 words. What are they?
5. Using only emojis, tell us why you would be the perfect choice.

3. Agencies hire through internships and it may be the only way to get hired. VML explains that 80 - 90% of their interns become permanent positions. We think that is pretty good odds. 

4. Stop being so picky and apply everywhere. If you have a chance to get in a global agency in Chicago but you don't really like the cold, buy a warm coat. The right internship will be a jumpstart for your career (and you can transfer to somewhere tropical later on). 

5. Agencies often take applications after their window has closed. If the submission requirements have a contact person, reach out. You never know. 

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