Liz Lybrook - Four ADDY Awards!

Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR ADDYs - including 2 Gold and 2 Bronze awards were presented to student Elizabeth Lybrook at this year's American Advertising Awards in San Diego. 

Liz at our Portfolio Studio table.  (Photo by Brogen Jessup)

Liz at our Portfolio Studio table. (Photo by Brogen Jessup)

Liz received her Gold Awards for full campaign and Guerilla work on her Maaco: Wrecked to Ready campaign, created in a Concepting Media course. 

"Creating the work required numerous hours, tons of trashed ideas and a lot of critique from the class - but having award-winning campaigns makes all the hard work worthwhile and provides motivation to make your next one even better!" - Liz


She received a Bronze Award for this work for Kill Bill (from an Entertainment: Poster Design course). 

giphy (1).gif

And, another Bronze Award for a poster series for Oktoberfest, San Diego. 


As a Gold winner, in addition to the trophies, she received portfolio reviews from advertising agencies.

We're super proud to announce that as a result, she was hired as a Junior Art Director at Vitro. What a great success story for an amazing creative! 

Her Kill Bill and Oktoberfest posters have now brought home ADDY silver from the regional awards, and now move forward to the national stage.  We wish you the best of luck, Liz!

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