Freelance Pricing and Estimating Strategies

Freelance Strategies

In order to make a living as a freelancer, we need to be proficient at business. It is essential that we know how to create successful pricing strategies, talk money with clients, track our time and expenses, and develop the effective paperwork to guard against financial exploitation. In addition to actually doing the work (and finding more work), it is a lot to manage. 

  • Are there best practices for simplifying complex tasks like estimating and budgeting? 
  • As freelancers, how can we streamline our businesses so that we can focus on doing what we do best? 
  • What hazards are lurking and how do we avoid them? 
  • Are there any tricks to the trade we should know? 

If you're a freelancer who is just starting out or you're working in the field but can use some advice, join us for our Freelance Hacks webinar as well as our free, self directed course called Contracts and Forms for Freelancers in April. 

Webinar for Freelancers

On Thursday, April 13th from 6 - 7 PST, Portfolio Studio is hosting Freelance Hacks - Get Started as a Freelance Writer or Designer for creatives. Our webinar guests have successful freelance careers and will share the strategies that work plus the pitfalls to avoid. Bring questions as we cover estimating, pricing strategies, negotiations, legalese, and more. Sign up for the webinar or the recorded session here. 

Our Guest Panel:

Graphic Designer Brittany Lang
Content Copywriter Lauren Ventura

Free Contract and Forms course

During the month of April, Portfolio Studio is offering our free, self-directed course that helps you create your own set of contracts and forms for your business. You can login to the course and move at your own pace. When you finish the sessions, submit your personalized freelance form package for review. Our April 13th webinar will field questions you might have as you build your forms. Find out more about the course

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