Step Forward, Give Back: TOMS Shoe Campaign

The deceptively simple campaign for TOMS Shoes shows how the cycle of giving changes lives. Created by a team of student copywriters, art directors, and designers as part of our Teams class. 

Tom's Shoes post wrap

The solution is inexpensive to produce and distribute and works perfectly around any standard size pole. The copy reads in one continuous line:

TOMS knows there are many walks of life. All of them need shoes. TOMS represents how we can walk together. For each pair purchased, a pair of classic slip-ons will be donated to a child in need allowing them to get to school. You are helping another find their path with 

and then the copy begins again... 

The concept rolls out into different media like this placement in a revolving door setting. 

Tom's revolving door

And it rolls out into a variety of situations that show giving, joy, achievement, and then re-giving, each with original messaging. 

Tom's Shoes roll out

Instructor and Portfolio Studio co-founder Henry Hikima explains that students regularly work on cause and non-profit clients. 

We encourage our students to do work for non-profit and social cause organizations. These worthy groups need extra support and it is a key part of our culture of giving back. Courses like Teams for Social Good bring students together for service and portfolio building and that's a good thing.  

This work was a collaborative effort. All team members participated in ideation and overlapped on tasks: Jeremy Madison (art director), Randi Cantrell (copywriter), David Ball (designer), Liz Lybrook (art director), Lisa Durante (art director and interactive designer).

From Left: Lisa, Randi, Jeremy, Liz, David and instructor Henry Hikima   

From Left: Lisa, Randi, Jeremy, Liz, David and instructor Henry Hikima


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