Making History

Boy Scouts Ad Campaign Focuses on Lifetime Learning

When people think of the Boy Scouts, many imagine a program focused on outdoor or survival skills. However, the Boy Scouts is more than just learning the proper way to build a campfire or splint a broken finger.  Often overlooked are the leadership training and life skills young boys may learn. By showcasing influential alumni, this campaign’s main objective is to raise awareness of the lifelong impact that joining Scouts can have.

Student Copywriter, Flora Kim, proposes that the younger the child, the bigger their dreams and aspirations - and parents need to remember that these dreams really are achievable. Using that insight, Flora teamed with Art Director Christian Capuchino, and this simple, powerful campaign was born. 

Portfolio Studio is the creative hub that connects ambitious students with industry professionals for professional development and portfolio building. This project was created our Project Expansion and Completion course.