Team Showcase: Five Four Club

Five Four Club Focuses More on Comfort and Less on Fitting In

The men’s clothing delivery market is growing is growing in popularity and becoming more competitive. Trunk Club and Stitch Fix offer personalized style services that deliver men’s shirts as easily as a box of men’s razors.

So when given the challenge to come up with a campaign for Five Four Club, Copywriter Brent Hannify decided his campaign needed to stand out to become the clothing delivery service of choice for men.

Brent teamed up with Art Director David Ball and created a campaign that celebrates the comfort of wearing clothes specifically catered to your style.

Their insight? When you’re comfortable with how you dress, you’re more in the moment. You care less about fitting in, and even less about fashion norms.

This work is sure to stand out in Brent and David's portfolios. Nice job guys. 

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