Feed Your Inner Kid

Tom+Chee remembers Your Inner Kid

The bedrock of Tom+Chee's menu is made up of what many Americans consider a classic; Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup. But Tom+Chee didn't have a strong enough identity. Creative team J.D. DiGiovanni (copywriter) and Norberto Beltran (art director) set out to change that.

Copywriter J.D.'s insight, "One of the ways in which people reconnect with the past is by eating foods they associate with specific periods in their life. Tom+Chee is the place where you can let your inner kid order."

Our inner kid loves this retro inspired campaign (as does our outer adult). Yummy work. 

Portfolio Studio is the creative hub that connects ambitious students with industry professionals for professional development and portfolio building. This project was created in our Project Expansion and Completion course.