SD/PEN and Portfolio Studio

Image from:  Why I Want To Be An Editor  -  Words are beautiful , by Meaghan Summers

Image from: Why I Want To Be An Editor - Words are beautiful, by Meaghan Summers

Portfolio Studio is proud to partner with SD/PEN. 

The San Diego Professional Editors Network (SD/PEN), established in 1986, is a nonprofit association of people who earn a living as editors, writers, and other word experts in all print and digital formats. They have a searchable member services directory that enables prospective clients to find the right wordsmith for their project and present bimonthly educational program meetings, an annual workshop, and networking events.

For our writers that are local to San Diego, this is a organization for you.


Upcoming Event

SD/Pen is holding a special event on September 21st, featuring Jared Kuritz, a publishing industry expert. He will cover topics including the ever-changing publishing industry, bringing a book to market, and various publishing options. Mark your calendar. Find more information here.