Creative Mornings: Equality

Creative Mornings Talks Equality

by Jennifer DeVore
Portfolio Studio Marketing Director & 
Aspiring Cybersecurity Guru

On the last Friday of July, a last-minute speaker took the stage at this past month's creative Mornings talk in San Diego. I don't know who the previous speaker was scheduled to be, but sometimes things really do work out for the best.

Every month Creative Mornings chooses a keyword, and the talks hosted in each city center on that theme. July was all about equality. Equality has been at the forefront of everyones' minds over the past few weeks, and, for many of us, much longer. But I'll be frank, I wasn't expecting a lot of "new" in this talk. As a woman in business, it's certainly not a topic that's unfamiliar to me. I was glad to be wrong.

Our speaker, H. Puentes, is well educated - he holds a Masters degree in Political Science and Government from the acclaimed London School of Economics and Political Science. He's an accomplished Human Capital Management leader - dedicating his time to fostering meaningful relationships and pushes hard for equality and diversity in business, ideals clearly near and dear to his heart. But, most importantly for me, he also approaches equality in a way I hadn't really thought about. Equality for the artist.

While I am not the accomplished speaker H. is, I will try to share one powerful idea that stuck with me. Picture a palm tree. In the design community, if asked to describe what we see, we'd use words like beautiful, strong, flexible.  We'd wonder at the greenness of its fronds, or the shingled bark clambering its way to the top. However, in business and politics, most that are in the top power-positions would see the tree in a different way. They'd discuss how many pencils could be produced, how many sheets of paper. They'd wonder at the building materials that could be extracted from its sturdy trunk.  

Here's the thing - neither the CEO nor the artist is wrong - they just see it through different eyes. Now - in order for the designer, the artist, to achieve the level "power" that the business leader has - we need to learn to speak their language.  We need to educate ourselves, and communicate in a way that translates - the value of the beauty we see.

A lot of us talk about equality, I certainly do, and we each do our part to make a difference. We rally, we talk, we attend, we learn, we commune, we band together and lift each other up. We do what we can to stand up and make a difference. What H. talked about was even more than that - we need to activate. We need to get into top level education programs, we need to head corporations, we need to run for office. Not just support candidates, or heads of business that we think most closely match our ideals. We need to do it ourselves. Us. Only when we are in places of power can we make a real - and lasting - difference. Only then will we be seen as equals.

If you missed out on July's Creative Mornings, they usually post videos of their events afterwards to view.  I hope this was no different, because I will return and rewatch, and I will activate.  If you're interested too, check out Creative Mornings San Diego as well as two phenomenal organizations H. is a part of - CONNECT and 1 Million Cups

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CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series for creatives. Their free, monthly events feature a short talk and breakfast. Portfolio Studio is proud to be a sponsor of this growing community. 


Jennifer DeVore is Marketing Director here at Portfolio Studio. She also attends American Military University - currently pursuing her degree in Cybersecurity.