Kristen Sugihara

Portfolio Taboos

Portfolio Taboos

There are some portfolio topics that even today remain risky for student portfolios. If you decide to wander into dangerous territory, you may offend - or, you might be applauded.

Can You Make Pumpernickel Appealing? This Student Ad Campaign Does.

Students Zach Russell (copywriter) and Kristen Sugihara (art director) teamed up to create this tasty ad work for pumpernickel. This "Eat Like a Saint" campaign goes from print to outdoor to grocery store installation. Created for a Copywriting Media Course, the goal was to create something different, something memorable.

Two Men and a Truck - Student Campaign

In the Art Direction courses at Portfolio Studio we teach about color, scale, layout, and many other aspects of design. Perspective drives this conceptual campaign called - 'Here for You, There for You' for Two Men and a Truck Moving Company. 

Ad Agency Vitro Has a New Jr. Art Director

Originally from Kauai, Hawaii, Kristen Sugihara studied advertising and design in San Diego. It took her a little more than one year to build her portfolio at San Diego Portfolio Studio. During that time she won numerous numerous national and international awards for stunning, conceptual advertising work.