Insights from an ACD at Innocean, LA

Insights from an ACD at Innocean, LA

Voyage LA recently posted a feature article about Jose Eslinger, Associate Creative Director at Innocean where he does work for Hyundai and Finish Line. With his copywriter partner, Carissa Levine, he created the 2016 Hyundai Super Bowl commercial with Kevin Hart. It was voted by the American public as the #1 commercial in the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter.

Oktoberfest in San Diego - See this Really Fun Student Ad Design Work

As home to more than 100 breweries, beer is especially loved here in San Diego. In our Concepting Techniques course, student Liz Lybrook conceptualized and built this campaign for Oktoberfest, to celebrate this unique beer capital. Liz also created an interactive component to roll-out the campaign. 

It Doesn't Rain Cats and Dogs in San Diego - Except in this Student Ad Work

San Diego Portfolio Studio students David Ball and Narine Petrosyan teamed up to make this whimsical campaign for Senz umbrellas. David, who is a new student at Portfolio Studio, did all of the illustrations and brought the idea that was first pitched by Narine, to life.

Precision - Student Print Ad Campaign for Wusthof Knives

Print remains a beautiful media to showcase great concepts like this campaign for Wustof Knives. San Diego Portfolio Studio students Katie Rosier (art director and designer) and Flora Kim (copywriter) worked together on this 3-piece combination print and direct response project called A Taste of Precision.