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Can You Make Pumpernickel Appealing? This Student Ad Campaign Does.

Students Zach Russell (copywriter) and Kristen Sugihara (art director) teamed up to create this tasty ad work for pumpernickel. This "Eat Like a Saint" campaign goes from print to outdoor to grocery store installation. Created for a Copywriting Media Course, the goal was to create something different, something memorable.

New Content Copywriting Course for Business Writers and Marketers

We're excited to welcome Lauren Ventura who will teach our Long Form Content -  Copywriting course, starting this August. Lauren is a geeky content creator and marketer with 10 years of experience in copywriting, storytelling, brand-building and inbound know-how. In this course you'll learn essential writing skills for full-blown marketing campaigns, build brand style, voice, and tone guides, write blog posts to drive engagement using inbound marketing techniques, and much more.

Trash Talking Student Ad Campaign for Glad

Copywriting student Zach Russell did some trash talking for this Glad Bag campaign in our Copywriting for Media course. Zach was able to team up with former student Lynette Rios who completed the art direction. This team work collaboration produced wonderful results and portfolio worthy work.