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A Portfolio Site That We Love

A Portfolio Site That We Love

It is very challenging to pull together a really clean portfolio website because each project that needs to be included is unique. Building a portfolio site is like assembling a puzzle with different sized pieces and formats. When your faced with work from a variety of media, the job can be daunting.

Two Men and a Truck - Student Campaign

In the Art Direction courses at Portfolio Studio we teach about color, scale, layout, and many other aspects of design. Perspective drives this conceptual campaign called - 'Here for You, There for You' for Two Men and a Truck Moving Company. 

It Doesn't Rain Cats and Dogs in San Diego - Except in this Student Ad Work

San Diego Portfolio Studio students David Ball and Narine Petrosyan teamed up to make this whimsical campaign for Senz umbrellas. David, who is a new student at Portfolio Studio, did all of the illustrations and brought the idea that was first pitched by Narine, to life.