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Uplifting Campaign for Happy Socks

Uplifting Campaign for Happy Socks

Happy Socks is a newer brand and doesn't have the vast resources of other apparel giants. In order to break into the crowded sock market, and become a leader in the growing fashion category, a stand out campaign is needed. Max Reinhardt (copywriter) and Norberto Beltran (art director) did just that with their Happy Socks - Lifting Pant Legs and Spirits since 2008 campaign. 

Designer Warning - Online Oversharing Can Backfire

As designers, social media and the internet allows us to share everything we create. We can post our work and discuss it in the design community. And that seems like a good thing. But, there are some reasons we should move cautiously before we share our latest project. Here's a few things to consider. 

New Content Copywriting Course for Business Writers and Marketers

We're excited to welcome Lauren Ventura who will teach our Long Form Content -  Copywriting course, starting this August. Lauren is a geeky content creator and marketer with 10 years of experience in copywriting, storytelling, brand-building and inbound know-how. In this course you'll learn essential writing skills for full-blown marketing campaigns, build brand style, voice, and tone guides, write blog posts to drive engagement using inbound marketing techniques, and much more.