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Build Your Digital Portfolio in 6 Months

Build Your Digital Portfolio in 6 Months

Beginning January 2017, Portfolio Studio is offering 3 vital digital design courses, back to back, to help elevate your portfolio and your career. This is a unique opportunity for graphic and visual designers. This series is intended to equip you for the evolving industry of design and jobs that are demanding user experience and interactive design abilities. Each course will help you build process through final work, including working prototypes. 

How Many Projects Should I Show in My Portfolio?

At Portfolio Studio, we usually recommend 5 - 7 projects or campaigns in a portfolio. According to Kimberly Easley, Recruiter at VML, too much work is clutter. She says that even 4 fully rolled out, great campaigns can be enough to get you a spot for an internship. Then the interview can do the rest. 

From Student to Intern to Junior Art Director at RPA

After completing an internship at RPA, LA, we're proud to announce that Candela Rebot has taken a position as a Junior. She is working on Honda and Southwest Airlines and had the chance to help out on work for pieces for the Newport Beach Film Fest that are being produced.

7 New Rules for Your Portfolio

The advertising and design industries are always evolving and it doesn't take long for a portfolio to lose its relevance. If you have doubts as to whether your portfolio is still cutting it out there - here's some tips to consider.