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Learn Web Design Best Practices

Using no coding, this course covers the best practices and graphic elements of successful web design. Emphasis is placed on understanding the basics of web design, anatomy of a web site, web design unity, elements of web design, web typography, adaptive and responsive design, mobile first and user experience. 

The purpose of this course is to build extensive web design samples including all of the process elements for your portfolio. Adobe Photoshop or other photo manipulation programs are used in this course. Prototyping software is also used and provided free with class enrollment. 

Work 1:1 With a Working Pro

When you learn at Portfolio Studio, you can rely on a team of working industry experts for guidance and support. Meet some of our web and mobile design and UX instructors:

Paul Drohan leads the design team as the Executive Design Director at Mirum. He has worked with clients including Rolex, Verizon, Nokia, Facebook, Toyota, Adobe, Sony, and others. His expansive knowledge, design ability, client experience, and attention to deal results in superior student outcomes. 


Leo Rabelo, is the Associate Design Director at Mirum. Following Leos's instruction, students have won numerous awards with stunning visual work, gained new positions in their companies, and landed internships as visual designers in agencies. "Leo's supportive nature makes jumping into the visual design universe so much smoother". 

Jessica Moon

Jessica Moon is a Creative Director at Digital Telepathy and has extensive knowledge of design and design theory, product design, creative ideation, UX strategy, usability, and best practices based on current industry thinking and trends. 

What You'll Learn

Session 1: Web & Mobile Design Principles And Best Practices
Let's talk about some basic Principles and Best Practices and we will conduct research on our client.

Session 2: Unity In Web Design
This session we'll go through will define elements based on web identity.

Session 3: Typography And Visual Elements
Let's talk about fonts and typography in web design and how it will impact your style guide.

Session 4: Interaction Design
In this class we'll talk about some of the pillars of interaction design and why you should think about them during design process.

Session 5: UX And Responsive Design
We'll chat about UX / AI / with "mobile first" and "content first" concepts in mind.

Session 6: UX Review
We'll explore all wireframes and make sure they're in a good point to move to designs.

Session 7: Prepare For Presentation
Lets go through some point on how get prepared for presentation and get a look at work in progress.

Session 8: Final Website Design Presentation
Final work is due. Time to present your project.

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