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What Is the Creative Process?

The creative process is a series of steps that helps creatives in advertising, design, and marketing generate and execute ideas and develop them through finished work. This online, self-directed course explains and demystifies the creative process and teaches you how to start using it for better results.

This process is used by agencies and studios everywhere and it is essential that you know it in order to work in the creative fields. This course includes short videos, links, and there is a course project you can build. 

Work at Your Own Pace

Along with our instructor-led courses, we offer free e-courses monthly. Each of our self-directed courses allow you to work at a speed that is comfortable for you. You'll get suggested "due dates" to help you move along - but you can choose how fast to go. This course can be completed in a short time.

What You'll Learn

Session 1: Let's Get Started
Where are we going and how will we get there - an overview of the creative process used by pros. 

Session 2: Research
Research begins the creative process. This session gets you started on the right foot with the fundamentals.

Session 3: Focus Your Creative Thinking
Pare down all of the possible directions so that you can generate an idea.

Session 4: Brainstorming Techniques
Here are some ways to get ideas flowing.

Session 5: Brainstorming With Words And Images
Techniques to help expand your ideas.

Session 6: Roughs
Roughs communicate your idea to a creative director or creative team. Roughs take your idea to the next level of detail and help others understand your creative approach.

Session 7: Mood Boards
A mood board is a collage consisting of images, type, text, samples, and colors to visually illustrate and communicate the "mood" and style of a project or campaign.

Session 8: Comprehensives 
Comprehensive design is where the final work takes shape.

Session 9: Presenting Process In Your Portfolio 
Employers like to see process because it shows how you work. In this module we'll discuss how and when to show process.

This course is taught ONLINE, at your own pace. 


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