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Design Mobile Apps

This course explores the best practices and strategies of successful mobile experience design. Emphasis is placed on understanding the basics of mobile interaction and design, mobile first and app strategies, elements of mobile design, mobile layout, personas and user experience.

Each session and assignment is intended to assist in effectively communicating your ability as a designer to visualize and execute a strong viewpoint, plan and voice.


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Understand the fundamentals and principles of mobile experience design
  2. Be able to fully analyze the anatomy and unity of mobile design
  3. Define and execute on the elements of mobile design
  4. Demonstrate the appropriate understanding of mobile application interaction
  5. Effectively understand application planning, personas and basics of user experience
  6. Design successful mobile experiences that utilize the best practices learned

In this course you'll design interactive experiences for mobile devices and create projects that showcase your understanding of current industry standards and their application to interactive experiences using current technology and devices.

Work 1:1 With a Working Pro

When you learn at Portfolio Studio, you can rely on a team of working industry experts for guidance and support. Meet our web & mobile/UX team: 


Paul Drohan leads the design team as the Executive Design Director at Mirum. He has worked with clients including Rolex, Verizon, Nokia, Facebook, Toyota, Adobe, Sony, and others. His expansive knowledge, design ability, client experience, and attention to deal results in superior student outcomes.

Leo Rabelo

Leo Rabelo is the Associate Design Director at Mirum. Following Leos's instruction, students have won numerous awards with stunning visual work, gained new positions in their companies, and landed internships as visual designers in agencies.

Jessica Moon

Jessica Moon is a Creative Director at Digital Telepathy and has extensive knowledge of design and design theory, product design, creative ideation, UX strategy, usability, and best practices based on current industry thinking and trends. 


What You'll Learn

Session 1: Applications, Categories And Constraints
We start here.

Session 2: Capabilities, Actions And Personas
We look toward developing the technical capabilities like location detection, device orientation, touch gesturing, and NUI. Also, mood boards for the brand.

Session 3: Design Unity And The Anatomy Of A Mobile App. 
Style, color, texture, imagery, iconography, scale, depth, dimension and animation.

Session 4: Sitemaps And Wireframes
We'll cover the basic fundamentals of user experience and designing for touch.

Session 5: Initial Design
We develop our user flows and wire frames and review early design.

Session 6: Critiques And Development
Screens for your app design are due for review and discussion.

Session 7: Design Refinements
Critique and discussion of refined designs.

Session 8: Presentation Of Completed Design
Presentation of completed design, personas, site maps, user flows, wireframes, and all process development.

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8 weeks of instruction - $850

Package pricing and financing are available. 

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