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ONLINE - Includes weekly video conference and critique with instructor - 6 to 8pm Pacific Time
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Create Campaign Work for Your Portfolio

Employers are looking for integrated campaign work as part of your copywriting portfolio. This course explores copywriting with the goal of a complete campaign. Short and long copy forms are covered.  The business of copywriting, professionalism, and presentation are included. 

This course will focus on work more than on theory. You’ll definitely look at a lot of examples and talk through the process, but the best way to learn about good and bad creative work is to make it. So be expecting to get meaty assignments. You'll work on these weekly projects and also, any ideas from prior weeks that we want to continue to blow out.

Work 1:1 With a Working Pro

When you learn at Portfolio Studio, you can rely on a team of working industry experts for guidance and support. Meet some of our brand copywriting instructors:

Eric Mayse is a Senior Copywriter at BBDO in San Francisco. He has guided Portfolio Studio students to award winning work including Addy National Gold and Archive awards. Check out Eric's Portfolio

Jeff Horn Copywriter

Jeff Horn has written for notable clients such as The Mirage, GE, Sony, Qualcomm, Pieology, Siemens and more. Jeff's patient, approachable teaching style promises to make your learning experience unique and help your copywriting portfolio stand out. See Jeff's Portfolio.  

Jessica Urgo

Jessica Urgo has lived in 9 states, 13 cities, and worked in some capacity or another at 8 agencies. Her clients have run the gamut from non profits you've never heard of like Sightlife to behemoths like Dominos, and everything in between. A Senior Copywriter at MeringCarson, you can see Jessica's Portfolio here

What You'll Learn

Week 1: What Makes a Great Campaign? - Campaigns, tag lines, and plenty of resources start you off. 

Week 2: Campaign Insights - Sometimes it's profound, sometimes it's super simple. In either case, your insight needs to be edible. Discover the power of insight, idea and execution in great work. 

Week 3: Print Pieces - Print is not dead. Learning to create a great print ad, especially one with a great headline, is a skill that will carry over into ALL of your creative tasks. We break down the long and the short. 

Week 4: 360 Work - Here's the thing, one good idea or headline is dandy, but if that's as far as you can push it, you'll be seen as lacking in your advertising powers. So prove your worth and create full-blown campaigns that sing on behalf of your idea.

Week 5: Guerilla Work - Here's where we talk about the ninja of advertising. The word of guerilla media including the good, bad and ugly. 

Week 6: Social Pieces - Ok, we're going to try and skim the surface of the vast subject that is online advertising. It's advertising you find on the internet that calls for immediate and ongoing response. 

Week 7: Digital - The future is now. Writing for digital out of home to augmented reality.

Week 8: What Makes a Good Portfolio? - What you need to know and what you're up against. 

This course is taught ONLINE with weekly video conferences and instructor feedback.

8 weeks of instruction: $870

Package pricing and financing are available

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