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ONLINE - Includes weekly video conference and critique with instructor. Meets at 6pm Pacific time.
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Copywriting Campaigns for Today's Needs

This is creativity at its purest: inspiration and communication without the luxury of expensive execution. No Super Bowl spots, no celebrities, no special effects.

The truth is that your early agency creative work will have a less-than-ideal budget. 

This class is designed to build a campaign of portfolio work that will put your brilliance on display even when you’re not working with millions of dollars. Show the world what you can do when you roll up your sleeves.

You'll be using guerrilla, digital, and experiential tactics which is important work to round out a portfolio. This may help prove to a potential employer that you can pull off inexpensive brilliance. Let’s get scrappy.

Work 1:1 With a Working Pro

When you learn at Portfolio Studio, you can rely on a team of working industry experts for guidance and support. Nikolaus Drellow teaches Scrappy Campaigns. Meet hime and a couple of our other brand copywriting instructors:

Eric Mayse is a Senior Copywriter at BBDO in San Francisco. He has guided Portfolio Studio students to award winning work including Addy National Gold and Archive awards. Check out Eric's Portfolio

Jeff Horn Copywriter

Jeff Horn has written for notable clients such as The Mirage, GE, Sony, Qualcomm, Pieology, Siemens and more. Jeff's patient, approachable teaching style promises to make your learning experience unique and help your copywriting portfolio stand out. See Jeff's Portfolio.  

Nikolaus Drellow

Nik Drellow: I've been a bartender on a small island, a sailing journalist, a wannabe motorcycle racer, a French Lit student, a dog owner, a pretty decent pool player, an awful DJ, a mechanic, a creative director, and who knows what next. My good luck and breadth of experience have afforded me opportunities to work on a huge swath of brands, from Wild Turkey to Red Bull to Microsoft to a neuromodulation brand and many more. See Nik's Portfolio.

What You'll Learn

Session 1: Inspiration / Brand Choice / Early Strategy
In this session, we’ll review brand choices from the homework assignment, talk about inspiration from the textbook, and discuss some problems that advertising can solve for your brand.

Session 2: Complete Strategy / Brand Tone / Headlines And Taglines
This week is all about locking in your strategy and tone, then reviewing some headlines and taglines to make sure you’re executing in the right voice.

Session 3: Wild Posting (Wheat Paste / Slap Tag / Etc) 
Take it outside. We’ll create some of the most basic OOH possible this week. But this isn’t a billboard or a bus stop assignment— we’ll be talking about how to use unique spaces and applications to amplify your message.

Session 4: Transformations
Take something familiar and make it unfamiliar. This week we’ll be talking about how to take an everyday object and reimagine it in a way that tells your brand story.

Session 5: Intrusion
Surprise! This week is all about telling your story in a totally unexpected place. Big or small, inside the home or out, your job is to sneak up on your audience in a way that feels welcome.

Session 6: Installations / Experiential
Go big. This week we’ll be taking your brand somewhere where people wouldn’t expect to see it. Your job is to give passersby a reason to take time out of their day and interact with your brand.

Session 7: Social Media / UGC
The worst advice anyone ever gave a client is that social media is free advertising. The truth is that it’s just as expensive as anything else. But since you might have to head into social media with a threadbare budget, this is your chance to show some great thinking that might spread organically.

Session 8: Final Presentations
This week we’ll put it all together. And we’ll get some practice and feedback with presentation style.

If you'd like more information, you can view the course syllabus.

This course is taught ONLINE with weekly video conferences and instructor feedback.

8 weeks of instruction: $870

Package pricing and financing are available

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