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How to Build Freelance Contracts

Success as a freelancer depends first and foremost on the reality that freelancing is a business - and every business needs a carefully crafted set of contracts and forms. This online, self-directed course takes you through the “must-have” documents you’ll need to do business. Resources are provided throughout the course and each session is carefully broken down and will help you build the pieces you'll need to get started.

This is the perfect course if you want to work as a freelance web or UX designer, graphic designer, copywriter, art director, or in other creative areas. 

A special bonus; If you complete the course and your contracts and forms, we'll gladly review them and give you feedback. 

Work at Your Own Pace

We offer free e-courses monthly. Each of our self-directed courses allow you to work at a speed that is comfortable for you. You'll get suggested "due dates" on assignments and quizzes to help you move along - but you can choose how fast to go. 

This course provides many of the basics you'll need to develop your own contracts and forms. You can move through it as quickly or slowly as you like. 

What You'll Learn in the Course

Session 1: Introduction And Overview
Getting started as a Freelancer takes guts. This course helps you tackle the important hurdle of contracts and forms and provides resources to give you the confidence to succeed. This session discusses the projects that we will cover in this course.

Session 2: Pricing Strategies and Your Freelance Rate
This session goes over determining freelance rates and offers some great resources.

Session 3: Internal Estimating
When your client asks for a price for a project, how do you begin? This session explains the work you do after meeting with the client but before presenting your proposal.

Session 4: Client Proposals
The Client Proposal is the document you present to the client. It explains the project, including who, what, when, and how it will be done. We start building our proposal this session.

Session 5: Fee Summary
Discussing money makes creatives uncomfortable. This session will help you strategize the cost section to add value.

Session 6: Terms And Conditions
The Terms and Conditions of a contract protect your rights and the rights of your client. They also explain many project variables. Unfortunately, Terms and Conditions are often described using legalese - a technical language that is hard to understand. In this session we unmask key things you need to know so that you can write and understand this contract area.

Session 7: Calendar and Approvals
As a freelancer you're often required to set and meet deadlines. Calendar creation is addressed in this session.

Session 8: Invoices and Change Orders
A Change Order is used when a project veers a little off course and an invoice get's the payment process rolling.

Session 9: Presenting Your Documents
The presentation of your materials can help your potential client make a leap of faith and hire you.

This course is taught ONLINE, at your own pace. 


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