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How to Use a Creative Brief

The brief is an essential tool for working on an advertising or design project. A brief guides art directors, copywriters, web and graphic designers, marketers, strategists, and others throughout the creative process and helps work to stay aligned with a client goals and objectives.

This online, self-directed course helps you understand and write a creative brief and provides relevant examples so you’re ready to jump right in on client-based work.

Work at Your Own Pace

Along with instructor-led courses, we offer free e-courses monthly. Each of our self-directed courses allow you to work at a speed that is comfortable for you. You'll get suggested "due dates" to help you move along - but you can choose how fast to go. 

What You'll Learn

Session 1: The Creative Brief
A brief keeps the members of a creative department and the client goals aligned. We start our intro here. 

Session 2: Project Challenge And Client Needs
Briefs are built with a client in mind and help creatives understand and clarify the challenges facing the brand.

Session 3: The Target Market
Advertising and design is directed to a particular group called a target market. The brief helps define the target market.

Session 4: Brand Perception And Positioning
A brief provides a synopsis of a brand's current place in the market.

Session 5: The Message
A clear message is central to a good campaign and the brief helps focus that message.

Session 6: Voice, Tone, And Style
A loose creative direction may be set out early.

Session 7: Mandatories And/Or Deliverables
Requirements set out by a client and/or agency are called mandatories. Deliverables are the things that are "delivered" to the client, like ads or package design. And sometimes, the terms overlap.

This course is taught online, at your own pace. 



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