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Concepting Elevates Your Work

This class expands your conceptual vocabulary and makes it easier to discover, evaluate and develop big ideas. You’ll improve your thinking skills as you brainstorm strategies. Working from industry creative briefs, you’ll learn and practice approaches used by pros in this technique driven course. The course outcomes include roughs for a variety of client types. This class can be taken as an early ideation course or an advanced portfolio project course. 

This is an 8-week Online course taught by Sarah Allen.

Work 1:1 With a Working Pro

When you learn at Portfolio Studio, you can rely on a team of working industry experts for guidance and support. Meet some of our ideation and concepting course instructors:

Sarah Allen

Sarah Jane Allen is an Art Director who has worked with notable clients like Pentel and Mozilla and digital and interactive design agencies David&Goliath and the Buddy Group. A talented visual artist, Sarah can help hone your process skills that are essential for concepting and ideation. 

Daniela Ponce

Daniela Ponce is a a Senior Art Director, Designer, Brand Magician and Creator of Awesomeness at MeringCarson. She has worked with some pretty cool brands, including Ford, Warriors in pink, U by Kotex, Kotex, Poise, Pure Michigan, GM, Colonial Williamsburg, Michigan Credit Union, Boy Scouts of America, Florida Power and Light, Michigan Economic Development.

Henry Hikima is a Founding Partner and the Creative Officer at Portfolio Studio. Henry started as an Art Director working in the Entertainment industry and has helped his students win awards for HOW, CMYK, Art Director's Club, One Show, YoungGuns, Archive, Clios, and the ADDYs including the National "Best in Show" (twice!).

He also spends his time as a creative recruiter where he finds and places creative talent in the advertising and design industries. Henry is always connected to what is current and needed in a portfolio. 

What You'll Learn

Session 1: Ideas Rock and Symbols Simplify
All cultures share common symbols. This technique helps to communicate your idea in way that is quickly understood. 

Session 2: Wow Them With Exaggeration
Exaggeration is a favorite go-to for creatives. A great technique as long as you follow some key guidelines. 

Session 3: Pair Up
Bringing things together often creates something brand new and surprising. 

Session 4: Demonstrate the Effects
This technique explains the "why'" we use a product or service in a creative and innovative way. 

Session 5: It Matters How You Say It
Structure can help you become a better copywriter - plus seeing the great work that has been done before. 

Session 6: Make the Brand Aware
What if the brand woke up? This unusual technique takes our brand-centric culture to a whole new place. 

Session 7: Clients: Research through Thumbnails
Clients and briefs.

Session 8: Concepts Move to Roughs
Roughs are how we communicate our ideas to others. 

Session 9: Roughs and Refining Your Ideas
Refining and expanding ideas happens here. 

Session 10: Rollout and Presentation
We present our final work this week.

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