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Get Hands-On With UX

An exploration of user experience principles for the creation of digital products.  You’ll learn to effectively organize and communicate information, uncover the psychology of interaction principles, prototype and plan, and implement design for clarity and fluency for diverse devices (websites, tablets and mobile).

This course is for designers, project managers, strategists and other professionals. You'll walk away from this course with useful strategies for content and digital products and learn approaches that you can implement immediately.

This course will be taught by Jessica Moon and will be held at Digital Telepathy

Work 1:1 With a Working Pro

When you learn at Portfolio Studio, you can rely on a team of working industry experts for guidance and support. Meet our web & mobile/UX team: 

Jessica Moon

Jessica Moon is a Creative Director at Digital Telepathy and has extensive knowledge of design and design theory, product design, creative ideation, UX strategy, usability, and best practices based on current industry thinking and trends. 


Leo Rabelo is the Associate Design Director at Mirum. Following Leos's instruction, students have won numerous awards with stunning visual work, gained new positions in their companies, and landed internships as visual designers in agencies.

Paul Drohan leads the design team as the Executive Design Director at Mirum. He has worked with clients including Rolex, Verizon, Nokia, Facebook, Toyota, Adobe, Sony, and others. His expansive knowledge, design ability, client experience, and attention to deal results in superior student outcomes.

What You'll Learn

Session 1: Overview
Design Overview Experience Design in 10 years, The Design Process is a WIP. Design Thinking is the foundational philosophy, Class Format

Session 2: End-To-End (Concept To High Fidelity) With Adobe XD
Inspiration gathering + knowledge sharing. About Adobe XD.

Session 3: Website Case Study Part I
Design Thinking and the Design Process. “Discover” and “Define”. Critiques Overview.

Session 4: Website Case Study Part II
“Develop”. Ideation/iteration exercises on wireframes. “Deliver”. Prototyping and observing.

Session 5: Website Case Study Part III
How to Tell a Story (a.k.a. How to do a Design Presentation). Critiques + Client Questions from Hell Gauntlet.

Session 6: Mobile App Case Study Pt I
Thinking About the Experience - Journeys, Maps, and Flows. Going with the Flows (and mapping it to something bigger).

Session 7: Mobile App Case Study Pt II
Brand Tone - Visual Exploration/Positioning vs Visual deliverables. Spectrums and Moodboards. Visual/IxD Attention-to-Detail and Style Guides/Element Libraries.

Session 8: Mobile App Case Study Pt III
The Bigger Picture and What’s Next. Final Presentation.

User Experience

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