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ONLINE - Includes weekly video conference and critique with instructor
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Create a Useful Voice and Tone Guide

Every brand has a unique voice and tone - It is an incredibly powerful tool to help your audiences recognize you. Voice and Tone Guides are important for companies that include multi-national brands as well as small businesses, government entities, agencies, entrepreneurs, and more. 

Voice and Tone Guides are clear, helpful guidelines which to be used by anyone who writes for your brand. Most Importantly, these guides explain the rationale behind certain ways of writing. Your voice and tone can be designed to fit your brand and culture. 

A Voice and Tone Guide helps you as you aim to deliver great experiences for your customers, by giving them consistency that can help build loyalty and can help establish professionalism (without a dreary corporate monotone). 

By controlling your business voice and tone, you have an opportunity to influence the reactions and emotions of your customers in positive way. 

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Lauren Ventura, Copywriter

Lauren Ventura is a geeky content creator and marketer with 10 years of experience in copywriting, storytelling, brand-building and inbound know-how. She has developed integrated email-social campaigns, helped use blogs to capture leads, and defined internal and external style, voice and tone guides for the likes of Petco, Road Runner Sports, Competitor Group, Arctic Zero,, Digital Telepathy and many others.

What You'll Learn

In this class we will learn the difference between Voice and Tone, as well as learn to create a robust Voice and Tone Guide utilizing company history, company values, and personas. You will be provided detailed templates, reading assignments and in-class work to help you craft your very-own Voice & Tone Guide that you use for years to come.

Session 1: Methods - Utilizing a company's personality, values and history; characteristic charts, media, and more.

Session 2: Decisions - What drives a marketing and/or branding team’s decision on what the Voice and Tone of a given company or brand should sound like and say?

Session 3: Personas - How to use buyer personas to help build your brand's voice and tone. 

Session 4: Final Presentation - Using templates you'll combine all you've learned and present your final Guide. 

If you'd like more information, you can view a detailed syllabus. 

Voice and Tone Guide

This course is taught ONLINE

4 sessions of instruction - $500

Payment plan is available.  

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