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ONLINE - Includes weekly video conference and critique with instructor, plus final studio production of radio spot.
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Is Radio Relevant in My Portfolio?

Neilson reported that more people are tuning into radio than ever. A whopping 245 million listen at least once a week. Audio in your portfolio helps differentiate your work, and showcase your long form writing talent. 

MixCloud's Ben Laurence shared - People say "oh radio is dead and dying. Actually, radio as content is exploding. But the way that we consume it is changing. All the big [streaming] players: Spotify, Apple, are looking at radio as a means of differentiation… The content is of extreme value to the industry and to consumers. Radio as content is essentially long-form audio: it could be anything: music, news, stories.” 

This course will focus on writing and producing an audio or radio script. You’ll hear a lot of examples and talk through the process, while you're writing for audio. You can choose to extend a campaign you have already started, polish up an existing script, or create something new. On the last session, your work (including voice talent and sound) will be produced at Studio West in San Diego. Even though we're working online, we'll bring you into the actual recording via a Google MEET. Or, if you're local, you're welcome to attend the session. 

This is a 4-session, 4-week online course. Video-conference meeting are included with the instructor, Eric Mayse. 

Work 1:1 With a Working Pro

When you learn at Portfolio Studio, you can rely on a team of working industry experts for guidance and support. Meet some of our brand copywriting instructors:

Eric Mayse

Eric Mayse is a Senior Copywriter at BBDO in San Francisco. He has guided Portfolio Studio students to award winning work including Addy National Gold and Archive awards. Check out Eric's Portfolio

Jeff Horn

Jeff Horn has written for notable clients such as The Mirage, GE, Sony, Qualcomm, Pieology, Siemens and more. Jeff's patient, approachable teaching style promises to make your learning experience unique and help your copywriting portfolio stand out. See Jeff's Portfolio.  

Nikolaus Drellow

Nikolaus Drellow has worked on a huge swath of brands, from Wild Turkey to Red Bull to Microsoft to a neuromodulation brand and won awards in the process. Check out his work here.

What You'll Learn

Session 1: Audio Overview - We jump into clients and scripts out of the gate.  

Session 2: Flow - We refine our scripts for impact this session. 

Session 3: Voice, Music, SFX - Script polishing and rolling ahead with sound elements. 

Session 4: Recording - We record at the Studio this session. 

If you'd like additional information, please view the course syllabus. 

This course is taught ONLINE with video conferences and instructor feedback.

Copywriting Radio Production

4 sessions of instruction: $500

Costs and Financing. 

More information on our online courses. 

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