Copywriting: Tone and Techniques

In this course you will learn how to solve communication problems with smart, compelling copy. You’ll also learn how to develop essential copy strategies, work through a variety of creative exercises, and express a brand's human truth via the written word.

Copywriting: For Diverse Media

Today’s communicators are called on to write for a growing number of mediums including websites, case studies, blogs as well as traditional print and broadcast media. In this course you’ll develop a concise strategy and content using diverse media.

Copywriting: Campaigns

An exploration of copywriting with the goal of a complete campaign. Short and long copy forms are covered. 

Copywriting: Scrappy Campaigns

This is creativity at its purest: inspiration and communication without the luxury of expensive execution. No Super Bowl spots, no celebrities, no special effects. The truth is that your early agency creative work will have a less-than-ideal budget. This class is designed to build a campaign of portfolio work that will put your brilliance on display even when you’re not working with millions of dollars.

• Copywriting: Radio Production

This course focuses on writing and producing an audio or radio script. Students can choose to extend a campaign already started, polish up an existing script, or create something new. On the last session, scripts (including voice talent and sound) will be produced live at a recording studio.  

• Content Writing: Long Form & Web

This course will build the essential skills and use long-form writing techniques to create full-blown, integrated marketing campaigns. The various styles and mediums of long-form content, such as emails, promotional mailers, website content, blogging and more will be covered.  We will discuss how to create a Style Guide for clients in order to codify the learnings into a cohesive takeaway experience.

• Content Writing: Voice and Tone Guides

In this course you will learn to create a robust Voice and Tone Guide utilizing company history, company values, and personas. You will be provided detailed templates, reading assignments and in-class work to help you craft your very-own Voice & Tone Guide that you use for years to come.

• Creative Techniques: master approaches

You'll improve your thinking skills as you brainstorm strategies for print, outdoor & guerrilla. This is a technique driven course where you’ll practice approaches used by professionals for unique, out-of-the-box solutions. Working from industry creative briefs, you’ll build advertisements and designs for a variety of brands, products, and services. 

• Creative techniques: Boost your creativity

This course expands your conceptual vocabulary and makes it easier to discover, evaluate and develop big ideas. You’ll improve your thinking skills as you brainstorm strategies. Working from industry creative briefs, you’ll learn and practice approaches used by pros in this technique driven course.

• Art Direction: Campaigns

Copywriters collaborate with art directors to bring work to life. In this course you’ll learn about the job of the art director and how teams work to deliver a single message in an expanded campaign. Here the business side of art direction including estimating, budgeting and freelancing is explored. 

• Project Expansion: Roll-out and Completion

Too often a project does not reach its potential within a single course and additional time and resources are needed to showcase that work. In this course you'll work with an instructor to move projects forward. 


• Digital Marketing and Strategy

The purpose of this course is to get you familiar with the digital marketing ecosystem, including inbound marketing channels, paid tactics, and destination optimization. You will learn the purpose and benefits of each channel and how they work together to increase leads and conversions. The strategic and tactical understanding you gain from this class will allow you to create better campaigns and marketing messaging in the future.

• Digital Strategy: Creative and Social Media

Traditional jobs are changing and greater opportunities are available for the creatives with an understanding and an ability to work in the digital universe. In this course you’ll execute concepts for interactive projects and expand traditional campaigns using social and emergent media. Research and analytics will guide your solutions. Plus, you’ll learn about the many facets of a digital strategist’s job as well as how to showcase strategy in your own portfolio.

• Social Media: Marketing and Strategy

Advanced approaches to sophisticated and innovative media marketing strategies and rollouts are presented here. You’ll develop the skills and knowledge that will enable you to articulate a long-term strategic vision in a variety of digital mediums. Big data, search engine optimization (SEO), emergent technologies, and digital delivery systems are addressed.