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Unlike seminars or webinars, the courses at Portfolio Studio are applied learning. Your employees will work with senior-level pros who will guide them using front line industry practices for tangible project outcomes. Our classes are held in the evenings and meet online to fit around busy work schedules. 

Many ways to learn

We help teams of all sizes gain valuable skills. Plus, we can individually tailor online courses to fit your needs. Bulk package pricing is available for our courses. We'll be glad to tell you about all of the options.


Digital Badges provide essential data for employers

Portfolio Studio uses a digital badge system that validates learning and provides 30 times the data compared with a traditional paper certificate. Professional Development is easy to understand when there is specific information about course outcomes and competencies.

Data rich credentials provide descriptions, criteria, evidence, endorsements and more, all viewable in the credential itself. Each badge earned activates its own web page where employees can share what they've learned and attach work from the course. 

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Our instructors are senior level + working professionals

We bring in talent with diverse creative and technical expertise. Our courses are not taught by "mentors" or "instructional aids". Instead our instructors develop their own, relevant content. Because they face the day-to-day challenges that businesses do, they can share those realities and essential learning with our students. 

Hire with confidence

Portfolio Studio strives to build a sustainable education & employer partnership. Since we work directly with our students over many months, we can provide insight into a candidate's strengths and capabilities. We partner with businesses, agencies, and studios and we're excited to talk further about the many opportunities to connect you with our students and graduates.


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