Free Courses. 
You can find free, online courses open every month. Learn basics about the Creative Process, Briefs, Contracts and more at your own pace through reading, videos, and quizzes.

Master Class BootCamps.
Held In-Person. Full day immersive class with applied outcomes. Most classes are offered on the weekend. See courses for more details. 

4-Week Express Courses. 
Focused training taught by an industry professional. Online with a weekly video conference. Get applied outcomes for your portfolio and learning to share on your resume. 

8-Week Comprehensive Course Plaque.png

8-Week Comprehensive Courses.
 Training and applied learning in a single subject area, always taught by industry pros. Comprehensive course prices vary and are held online or in-person. Each course meets once per week. 

packages, FINANCING & Policies

Save with a 3-Course Plan.
Purchase any THREE Comprehensive Courses and save up to $450 off individual courses prices. Make payments with Auto-pay. This offer cannot be combined with other offers, codes, or discounts. 

Affordable Payments.
Take the classes you want while making affordable payments. Monthly payments start as low as $250. Zero interest plans with Auto-pay. We'd be glad to tell you more. 

Important Student Information.
You can find our academic policies as well as refund information here. A review is required as part of enrollment. Download the PDF.

Can't decide? We're here to help! 

If you need some assistance in deciding which option works best for your goals, let us know.

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Our portfolios focus on jobs in Copywriting, Marketing, Digital Strategy, UX/UI & Visual Design, Art Direction and Graphic Design. 

• What kind of Background do I need to have? 

Our students come with varied backgrounds but they have one thing in common: They want to build a portfolio and gain skills for a creative career. Our different programs have different prerequisites and we'd be glad to tell you about each. We have foundation-level courses that you can jump in right away.  

• What are the admission requirements? 

Our fundamental and free self-directed courses are open to all. Advanced courses require sample work in a subject area. We want to help you succeed, and that begins with making sure you start on the right path. 


Absolutely. Many of our students take an individual class for professional development and to build skills. Traditional designers who wish to advance in their careers for instance, might take a visual design or UX course to add relevant work to their portfolio. Many copywriters take courses in specialized areas and to help with creative thinking. Some of our students take one class per term and build a portfolio over time. 


Although our courses are focused on portfolio outcomes, building a portfolio that will get you a job in the industry takes time. On average, our students start building a portfolio-ready campaign or project in their 3rd class and can expect to complete a single project or campaign each term thereafter. Some students in our program arrive with skills and a foundation portfolio and are able to generate new portfolio work in a single term. 

• Tell me about the INSTRUCTORS - 

Our instructors are industry pros with Senior Level Status (or above). They will give you one-on-one guidance, every step of the way. 

• What is the cost of your program?

You can purchase a single course or create a customized package. Fortunately, we have very few fees and we work hard to make sure our supplies, including texts, can be found at reasonable prices. There is more info about costs here.

• How long is the program? 

Portfolio Studio is unique. You choose your program and your pace. A single course can be as short as a week. You can combine longer courses and packages to build a customized comprehensive portfolio program that can be completed within a year. We open classes all year. You can find our calendar here.

• Are You Accredited? 

We are not accredited, so you cannot transfer the courses you take with us to another school. Accreditation offers many benefits including financial aid, but it slows down a program's ability to respond to changing industry needs and often increases program costs.  

• What is Your Acceptance RATE?

We want to make sure that Portfolio Studio is a good fit for our students and we spend time learning about your background and goals to make sure of that. Our different courses have different prerequisites, so our acceptance rate varies by individual class. 

• Can I Take a single Class Before I commit to a signature series package? 

Yes. In fact we encourage it. We also welcome you to audit a class ONLINE and sit in a video conference before you start.

• Can I Build a Portfolio Online? 

Yes. We have a state-of-the-art, amazing, online portal that includes galleries, visual content, chat, and permits video conferencing for critiques and collaboration. 

• I'm a Copywriter. Can you help me build a portfolio?

Copywriters need to have well executed, finished work in their portfolios. We offer a special Project Expansion and Completion course that teams copywriters with designers/art directors to finish instructor approved work so it is ready for your portfolio. 

• I See That Your Students Have Won a Lot of Awards. Is That Important? 

Many creative industries give awards for their top talent. A student portfolio with recognized awards is more likely to get noticed. Read about our awards here


We have payment plans that start at $250 a month. We do not offer any student government loans. Our pricing is very cost effective and we don't believe students should be burdened with large debt upon graduation. 

• If I change my mind, DO YOU GIVE REFUNDS? 

Full refunds are given until the start of the second week of class for any individual course. After the start of the second week of class, there are no refunds. 

• My Company Will Pay for a Class. How is That Arranged? 

We can invoice your company directly and CC you on all transactions. Or we can provide you invoices and a statement of completion for reimbursement. 


Most of our students work so you're in good company. Our courses are conveniently offered in the evenings as well as online. 

• Can I talk to a portfolio studio grad before I enroll? 

Of course. Our students and grads are our best advocates. They can give you an idea of what to expect and answer questions. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for a contact in the program that you are considering. 

* How Do I Start? 

You'll find our enrollment form here. Once you submit it, we'll reach out to you


Although we have specific "terms", new courses open every month. 

Fall 2017: October 1 - December 16

Winter 2018: January 8 - March 3

Spring 2018:  March 19 - May 12

Classes that land on national holidays will be made up during the week after the term, or on a date agreed upon by the class participants. No classes will be held during the week of Thanksgiving.