TEAMS & Portfolio Courses

• Teams 1: Competitions

Some of your best portfolio work will come from collaboration. In this teams class you join forces with a partner or small group on projects and campaigns for a competition. There is a rigorous amount of work required in teams classes and additional meeting time outside of class will be needed.

• Teams 2: For Social Good

A team experience where students come together to develop work from start to finish. Interactive, social media and digital strategy will be a part of this teams class where you will work on fully integrated campaigns for your portfolio. This class is for Art Directors, Copywriters, Designers and Digital Strategists.

This course will focus on a client that provides social good. Your portfolio should showcase product and service clients from different sectors. This client will be selected from the non-profit or cause sector.

• Project Expansion: Roll-out and Completion

Too often a project does not reach its potential within a single course and additional time and resources are needed to showcase that work. In this course you'll work with an instructor to move projects forward. 

• Portfolio 1: Resume and Employer Outreach

This course helps you learn to present yourself in a way so that employers can see your real potential. You’ll conduct career research, write an attention-getting resume and cover letter for the creative industries and build your Linkedin profile. Professionalism, information about interviewing, and presentation skills will round out this course.

• Portfolio 2: Showcasing Your Work

This course helps you learn how to present your advertising, design, web, and process work for the industry. We'll move your portfolio online. One-on-one guidance with layout, editing, content writing, and positioning will be provided.

• Portfolio 3: Building Your Brand

Position yourself in the industry with a personal brand. In this course you'll create the brand pieces you need to start your job search. You'll write a personal manifesto, a tag line, and develop a logo for use online.